My first (and last?) post


Hello folks,

My crazy cowork­ers fi­nally con­vinced me to get my own blog. They think I’ll say some­thing funny, but I won’t - so don’t link to me - it’s prob­a­bly not worth it. For the few per­se­ver­ant ones, here is what I plan to talk about: ob­ject ori­en­ta­tion, c#, sports, fi­nan­cial stuff and books (not in that or­der). See you later.


BTW: strange how this blog thing re­duces the com­plex­ity of one’s per­son­al­ity to a bunch of cat­e­gories on the left of the screen




joseph ivanov - fhreak


Congratulations. A C# blog­gers is al­ways well­come in my blogrolling list.

You could talk about Object Spaces..?

Luca Bolognese


The sub­ject of ObjectSpaces may come up oc­ca­sion­ally …

Tell us again how the OS team man­aged to dra­mat­i­cally re­duce OPath com­plex­ity by chang­ing the s to .’s?? ;)

William Luu


I don’t think you should limit your­self to just those cat­e­gories…
I mean, you could al­ways put up a General” or Misc” cat­e­gory for every­thing else…

Luca Bolognese


Yeah, peo­ple al­way like the s to .’s story. Now I’ll have to come up with an­other joke…