Luca presenting F# at PDC 2008 - Luca Bolognese

Luca presenting F# at PDC 2008

Luca -

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Next Thursday at 1.45pm I will pre­sent An in­tro­duc­tion to Microsoft F#” at PDC 2008. If you are there, please stop by or drop by the lounge area to chat.

There are a bunch of other great ses­sions from my team. They are all good (I swear I tried to for­mat John’s ses­sion cor­rectly, but failed).

  • TL16: The Future of C#
  • Speaker: Anders Hejlsberg
  • Mon 10/27 | 1:45 PM-3:00 PM | Petree Hall CD
  • Repeated: Wed 10/29 | 3:00 PM-4:15 PM | 502A
  • TL10: Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in .NET
  • Speaker: Jim Hugunin
  • Mon 10/27 | 3:30PM | 502A
  • TL11: An Introduction to Microsoft F#
  • Speaker: Luca Bolognese
  • Thu 10/30 | 1:45 PM-3:00 PM | 502A
  • TL12: Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Speaker: Paul Vick
  • Tue 10/28 | 5:15 PM-6:30 PM | 406A
  • TL54: Natural Interop with Silverlight and Office
  • Alex Turner
  • Tue 10/28 | 12:45 PM-1:30 PM | 404A
  • TL57: A Panel on the Future of Programming Languages
  • G. Bracha, D.Crockford, A. Hejlsberg, E. Meijer, W.Schulte, J. Siek
  • Wed 10/29 | 10:30 AM-11:45 AM | 403AB
  • TL44 IronRuby: The Right Language for the Right Job

  • l Speaker: John Lam

  • l Mon 10/27, 5:15PM, 515B



Chris Smith's completely uniqu


I'm writing this from the 'big room' in the LA Convention Center.If you don't know, PDC is a HUGE conference

Excellent excellent PDC talk!  If people missed it, worth viewing the recording...  Someone has finally presented F# as it should be, i.e. in a functional way, not as yet another .NET language.  Thanks Luca.

Petr Lepilov


Thank you very much! This was the one of the best sessions on PDC

Thanks for the excellent and funny talk Luca!

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