My F# PDC presentation is online (+ ppt and demo application) - Luca Bolognese

My F# PDC presentation is online (+ ppt and demo application)

Luca -

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You can watch it here. Also I at­tached the demo ap­pli­ca­tion I built on stage.




hi Luca,
Thank you so much for such a compelling demo of F#.  You really made some lights come on for me with your "X = X + 1" slide.

Wonderful presentation. Thank you.

Brian Knoblauch


Excellent presentation, thank you very much!
Covers the biggest problem I've been having so far, which is "how do I take it beyond using F# as a fancy calculator"  :-)

Davide Zordan


Great presentation and code, thank you.

Raja Tirumala Rao


Great presentation , it was fun filled and with much information , most times i dont see  both together.
What makes F# so cool , i mean we already have functional programming languages, is it the support for IDE and support for using other  .net language classes/methods  seamlessly ?

Yes, but there is more.
All functional languages are enjoyining a renaisance of sort (Erlang anyone?). A strong reason is the multicore revolution that is upon us. Functional languages, with their lack of side effects, are good for parallelization.
Also, with LINQ we brought functional concepts in a mainstream programming language. We made them a bit more familiar to people.
When you put all these things together you get a lollapalooza effect.

Would it make sense to have dynamic prototyping in F# like in IronPython? The ability to add behaviour on the fly to objects can be powerful when creating a DSL using F#

It is an interesting feature, but difficult to reconcile with the static type nature of F#

Basketweaving for the Mind


Thanks to Mitch Wheat for inviting me to talk, and letting me choose the topic: F#. Also a major thanks

Basketweaving for the Mind


more animals As per the image above, cats and threads do no mix. Python and threads may not mix, either

Over the weekend, I had a chance to go to the SVC codecamp and give a couple talks. Codecamp was fun,

Luke has no name


Very enlightening introduction to F#. I'll be grabbing that first book to learn more about the language.
I actually heard about your talk from a friend. I was telling him about my end-of-semester project, which is to take CSV files from Yahoo Finance and create a genetic algorithm to test parameter sets for technical stock indicators.
Your code is a great start for my project!

Great presentation, but "F# for Vizualisation" is unavailable (for free) now. :(

Although we succeeded in giving away $20,000 worth of software with our free editions in only 2 weeks, our actual sales disappeared so we took the free editions down. However, we do intend to introduce more restricted free editions again in the future and I shall make sure these are sufficient to run Luca's demo.
Many thanks,
Jon Harrop.

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I recently gave an "Introduction to F#" session for the Cape Cod .NET User group and, with Talbott Crowell

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