I talk about C# and VB Co-Evolution on Channel9 (and some F# …)


The ti­tle says it all. If you are in­ter­ested, go here.




This was a very nice talk.
I can’t say that I like all of it (I get the feel­ing that C# is stuck where it is right now as long as VB.net takes to cover up), but I do like your over­all strat­egy to co-evolve.
As I’m more in­ter­ested in FP: can we hope that you con­cen­trate more on F#? ;)
When you don’t want to in­tro­duce more stuff into C# be­cause the lan­guage got to big please to us all a fa­vor and work on the CLR and make it un­ter­stand type classes :) (of course you only have to supoort this in F# ;) )

It’d be nice to see C# and VB.NET be iden­ti­cal ex­cept for mi­nor syn­tax dif­fer­ences.
It’d be nice to see a lan­guage con­ver­sion as­sis­tant to con­vert from C# to VB and VB to C# from MS.  This would greatly help since many .NET shops want to have/​sup­port only one lan­guage.