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Luca Bolognese leaves Microsoft

FYI I imported all the posts from the old MSDN blog to this one. Hence this post doesn’t make sense anymore. I left it here for memory sake. BTW: I am also back in msft now (30/11/2018).

This is my last post on this blog. My new blog is here: http://www.lucabol.com

I accepted a role as Director for Credit Suisse in London. I’m excited by the opportunity to work in the financial industry, a long-standing desire of mine. I’m also excited to write more F# code and to be closer to Italy, where my extended family is.

The past ten years in Microsoft have been a wild ride. I’m proud to have been part of ObjectSpaces, Generics, LINQ and F# (and much more …). I’ve been lucky to be able to post on this blog and present at conferences about such innovative technologies. It has all been a lot of fun. I’m sure the next ten years will be as good.

I’ll see you guys on my new blog.