I have been DEEP FRIED! - Luca Bolognese

I have been DEEP FRIED!

Luca -

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LogoYep, here is my in­ter­view with the Deep Fried Bytes guys on var­i­ous soft­ware top­ics. Enjoy.



Eber Irigoyen


oh nice, I'll have to check it out on my next gym workout (the time I listen to podcasts)

It's the ideal workout tape. That's how we planned for people to listen to it :-)

Sorry to see you leave MS ... will GREATLY miss your presentations at PDC (and other MS events)!! Yours are always fun, practical and very informative! I have the WMVs of your talks about ... Linq to SQL, FSharp (two of them) and CSharp futures ... all are among my favorites! ...
Have you thought about writing a book? You're expert in CSharp and FSharp ... if you do a FSharp book I would DEFINITELY be interested!

Thanks for the kind words keith. I'm afraid my new job takes me farther away from writing a book. But I might be able to deliver a session at a conference every once in a while. We'll see ...

This was a great podcast. Thanks for this! In the podcast, you mention a demo where you evolved an app for CSV files. I'm particularly interested in seeing how you changed the app to be more declarative. Is there any chance that you can provide the source code for this? Thanks in advance.

I don't remember exactly, but I think I was referring to this: http://microsoftpdc.com/Ses...

Dear Luca,
I am sorry I can not find your email so I am using the comment to ask you this:
Since you are working at Credit Suisse and expert in F#, may I ask if you are behind this job offer ?
Best regards

Yes, but now we have closed our hiring season for this year. We'll post again when/if it opens up again. Cheers.

I am looking for a work placement as C#/F# developer to complete my studies and this job offer was really interesting !

Johann Strydom


Hi Luca,
Great fan of you work!
I'm after the Financial Functions code you did to provide Excel functions in a .Net library
The MSDN site seems to be down. Not sure whats up with that, but did email them about it

Hi, it seems that the site is back up again.

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